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If sentences/Conditionals (1st and 2nd)

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Example: If you ask me, I will help you.

����������������If you asked me, I would help you.


a)�� �If you�have any problems,� I� you.

b)�� �If he�is careful, he .

c)��� If there�is a fire, the alarm .

d)�� �If you� the problem to them, they�would be�happy.

e)� � If Tom �a better mark next time, his�parents would� buy�him a new monitor.

f)�� �� If Molly�comes to your party, I� with her because she is not my friend.

g)�� If Mr Jenkins� us in his garden again, �he�will be�very angry.

h)� � If you�left now, you� the train.

i)����� If Gina�were a little friendlier, people� her better.

j)����� If Charlie�weren't so shy, he� Susie.

k) �� If we�, Babs�will leave�without us.

l)���� If I find your glasses, I� them to you.

m) If he goes out without a jacket, I think�he� a cold.

n)� � If we� the next match, people won't forgive�us.

o)� � If it rains, you� an umbrella.

p)� � If Mac�isn't at home, we �to the cinema without him.

q)�� � If the wind� stronger, we�won't go�sailing.